Nine Mile

Located in the heart of the Montford Avenue strip, this little gem of a local Asheville restaurant has become one of the top billed ethnic restaurants in town for good reason. Their kitchen specializes in serving up some of the most sumptuous Jamaican cuisine that you can find in the South, including plenty of Nine Mile’s signature ‘natty bread,’ a complimentary artery clogging taste sensation that will have you lining up for more.

Vegans and vegetarians will find plenty to choose from at Nine Mile, especially their incredible pasta, while non veg-heads can take their pick of popular entrees like blackened tilapia or their “Concrete Jungle,” a mix of shellfish, zucchini and squash. Either way, your sure to enjoy the authentic rasta vibe that the Nine Mile has to offer, as well as their seriously affordable price point (about 8 bucks per entree).


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